audrey song

- a u d r e y  s o n g -


nickname: Audz

year: Fourth Year

hometown: Bel Air, Maryland

major: Batten

voice part: alto 1, 2

audition songs: "Take Me to Church" OPB Hozier; "When I Was Your Man" OPB Bruno Mars; "Masterpiece" OPB Jessie J

favorite HIT song: "Never Gonna Leave You" OPB Adele

childhood ambition: fashion designer

never have I ever: seen an unattractive picture of Joseph Gordon Levitt

if I were a beverage I'd be: a Starbucks peppermint mocha :)

favorite HIT pun: infinHIT

party trick: I can light a match like a boss

go-to girl for: encouragement and a listening ear 

solo: "Goldmine" opb Kimbra, "Gasoline" opb Halsey, "Go Your Own Way" opb Fleetwood Mac, "He Waits For Me" opb Consumed By Fire