becky moye

becky moye

nickname: Bex, Beckham

position: (Asst. Music Director 2010-2011, Music Director 2011-2012, Alumni/New Girl Chair 2012-2013)

major: Mathematics and Secondary Education

voice part: Alto 2 and Bass

audition songs: "Warwick Avenue" OPB Duffy; "We are Broken" OPB Paramore; and "Be My Escape" OPB Relient K

favorite HIT song: Boulevard of Broken Songs Medley

childhood ambition: First Female President of the United States :)

never have I ever: gone steam-tunneling

favorite dance: Cupid Shuffle

if I were a beverage, I'd be: soy milk (milk products = death)

go-to girl for: Knowing every Paramore song and being determined to have one in HIT's repertoire  (One day, Bex, one day....)