Hipsters and HITsters.

Why hello, y’all. Rhody here.

So, the Hoos in Treble spring concert is tomorrow. It feels big and important – ready to be shown off and shared. And that’s a wonderful feeling. (Also a wonderful feeling: tomorrow is concert DAY, concluding the stressful and busy concert WEEK).

But I did want to talk a little bit about concert week and what it’s taught me about our group and about myself. Our theme is: “So you wanna be a HITster?”, meaning that we’ve basically been playing dress up all week in clothes that I would never be caught wearing on a regular basis. Seriously, my grandmother saw the above photo and became worried about me. 

Concert week thus became an exercise in seeing the group through a different lens. It forced me to think about what it means to become one with this “hipster persona” (although in the video I am appropriately featured as the girl that rolls her eyes at the HITsters) and I guess I realized that while I still have have no idea about what it means to be a hipster, I know a thing or two about being a HITster. Those are the people to whom I’ve entrusted my home. Those are the ones who make awful days feel down right do-able. And although hipsters are non-conformists, HITsters manage to conform their hearts to one another. 

Can’t wait to see you at our concert. 

Sleepily yours,