How it Feels to Oversell by Seventy Tickets: The Hoos In Treble Spring Concert

I will start off by bragging. It feels so good to not only sell out our concert, but to oversell our concert. While this may be due to some vaguely aggressive selling tactics, the means justified the ends, and I could not be more thrilled that so many people were able to hear something I was so proud to show off.

Most a cappella groups on grounds take new girls or guys every semester. But because we had such a big group (eighteen lovely ladies large) from the fall, we didn’t hold auditions this spring. This means that we have had a whole year to grow into this HIT. Although I love the joy and the renewing feeling of getting newnews, it was a gift to have this specific group of girls for so long without any interruptions or additions. We got into a comfortable rhythm. We got into a groove where all of our personalities somehow meshed. And so this concert felt like the culmination of all that mesh. I know that the spring concert is always a little bit more about the fourth years than everyone else, but I tried to view it as the last time that this version of us will be together. This is the last time HIT will look, well, like us. Seven will leave, and we’ll take more, and so it goes and goes. But that night was pretty special because it was this HIT.

So, take a look at what this HIT looked like the last time we were together. I’m especially proud to post it because since we were sold out, you might not have seen our concert. (I’m only just to harp on that for approximately eight more blog posts).

And then to celebrate and remind ourselves that we should be more physically active individuals, we hiked. HIT attempted to get fit. It was rough (at least for me — I’m personally shocked at my pathetic level of cardio capacity), but when we made it to the top, we sang. And that, Dear Readers, may have felt better than overselling by seventy tickets. (Maybe only a little. Overselling didn’t make me sore the next day, after all).


HIT on Humpack Rock