“The night we met I knew I needed you so…” -The Ronnettes

Hello Fanatic Readers of the Hoos in Treble Blog,

This is Rhody here – current assistant music director and soon-to-be actual music director… which is terrifying. And I don’t mean terrifying in an “I had that dream where I forgot I had a test again!” sense. I mean terrifying in the “I had that dream where I found out I was music director and woke up sweaty and crying” sense. It’s bad, y’all. But I’m all about going forth in the face of terror to conquer it with responsibility, grace, and the occasional minor harmony.

But anyhoo, I digress. I wanted to write this post in honor of Valentine’s Day and talk about what love means to me. I know this is a lot late, but trust me when I say we’re still reminiscing over how much joy Singing Valentine’s brought. (And with the dawn on concert week, we all need a reminder of how much we love each other). Coming from the girl who has been fake proposed to six times and is without any significant prospects, some could easily put me under the bitter umbrella. But one must remember that it’s sunny in Charlottesville and there’s really no need for an umbrella at all. Getting to sing on Valentine’s Day every year to unsuspecting girlfriends, daughters, fiancés, and parents creates the least bitter feeling possible. It’s a beautiful and warm sentiment in my chest that makes me so aware of the love all around and how it’s worth celebrating in whatever form it comes.

That brings me to Hoos in Treble. I love this group of women. Those who know me well know that I don’t generally express the bubbly-pink side of myself often. My rose-colored glasses are leaning toward the burgundy side, and I don’t always like to share my cup of kindness. I show how I care through my time and the giving of medication to those who are ill. But rarely will you ever hear me use that word, which hopefully makes it all the more important here. It’s a serious word, and I’m using it seriously now.

I never knew that I could love something in the way that I love HIT. It’s like loving a child and a sister all at once: watching it breathe and grow and become more makes me feel proud-love, and feeling it change me and give me purpose makes me feel immensely grateful-love.

And in a way, that brings me back to where I started: Music Director. I’m so honored and excited to hold that position because of that love I feel. And that’s what makes it so terrifying, I think – not the responsibility or fear of messing up, but the love. Obviously I want to do well by my ladies and have them be happy with the decisions I make. But mostly, I just want to honor the love that holds our group together. Being in any position of leadership is delicate. But for me, it means recognizing a deep obligation to prolong and extend the love. It’s in our ability and charge to create music that brings us together each week. But it’s also in our passion and joy that we bring forth love. That’s all I really want to bring to the table: a diet coke, a keyboard, and a little more love than when we started out; love to sustain us, relieve us, and move us. Which in a way is just like Singing Valentines. We’re simply spreading love around – we have so much in our little group, after all.

With love,