The Best of College A Cappella

...and That One Time a Grey’s Anatomy Cast Member Tweeted Me


Dear Loyal Readers of the Hoos in Treble Blog,

This is Rhody writing today, and I am writing to you, proudly, as a Former Music Director. The excitement and unchecked joy I feel as I add the epithet “Former” to my position title is comparable to that one time a cast member from Grey’s Anatomy tweeted me. Excitement abounded, y’all. Indeed, I think rapper Iggy Azalea summarizes my sentiment aptly in a line from her song “Black Widow:” “Praise Jesus, hallelujah.”

But, Dear Readers, my resignation is not the purpose for writing today – that’s a whole other post. I have News To Share, and the excitement I feel in sharing this news is also probably comparable to that one time a cast member from Grey’s Anatomy tweeted me.

As the Former Music Director (FMD), I had the detail-oriented honor of working with the ladies of Hoos in Treble to produce a CD, which we charmingly named Pink Pumps. Over the 2013-2014 school year, my talented musician-friends and I spent hours in a studio recording our work. I combed each track twice over after we finished the recording, sending tedious and vaguely aggressive emails to our producer – some say I’m picky, but I say I’m particular – and, skipping over some more stressful months, a year later we had an album in our hands.

The moment in which I was able to tangibly grasp the abstract and painstaking work of the last year was a precious moment. Do I say that with a touch of melodrama? Perhaps. But I’m trying to build up to that News To Share, remember? Saying that the CDs were delivered to my apartment in three unmarked boxes by a large, sweaty man named Ricky seemed to diminish the moment because it was, in fact, more than that. It was a stunning, culminating moment in which I was able to hold a snapshot of our group. While Facebook does an excellent job of capturing and cataloguing the stages of HIT, our album was a vocal picture of what our group will forever be across five generations of Hittas. That is what I hold in my hand when I hold Pink Pumps, and that is the sentiment I am trying to convey to you, Dear Readers.

That moment was last month, and a lot has happened in the time since. Most notably, the Best of College A Cappella (BOCA) released its track list for its 2015 album, and I am excited to announce that Hoos in Treble will be featured for our cover of “Lego House” (OPB Ed Sheeran, arr. Thy Nguyen). On behalf of our group, HIT is honored to represent the all-female side of UVa a cappella and be featured alongside the Virginia Gentlemen, the Hullabahoos, and the New Dominions.

Thanks to those that have had a hand in making our album; we are all grateful and made better by your support, encouragement, and talent. Be sure to get a copy of Pink Pumps [here] so that you can forever share in our excitement!


Rhody Mastin

Batten 2015