Anonymous Hitta - Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

Waddup waddup! I hope you are all enjoying your summer holiday as much as I am, because that was an intense year on Grounds - WOW. But but but - you know what they always hard, play hard!

 I'm writing to you from the exquisite Caribbean ocean, where I am enjoying the island life that Vieques has to offer. It took me a six-hour plane ride and then one-hour charter plane ride to get here, and I can safely say that this island paradise was worth the wait. Oh boy was it worth the wait! The beaches are white, the sun is hot, the music is loud, and the water is turquoise. Yes, you heard me - turquoise. Additionally, I'm staying at "The W Resort and Hotel," which was voted the #1 romantic island getaway. So for all you sexy single people out there this is the place to be. 

Today, I took a yacht out to a stunning snorkeling and scuba diving location off the island, courtesy of Captain Judy and her crew (look her up if you're ever on the island!). After an hour of snorkeling in the Big Blue, I enjoyed a delicious meal on the yacht before a catnap and more ocean views. When we reached shore, I was (of course) hungry again. We drove to the "Main Street" of the island and ate at a restaurant called Noche, where I had the best seafood paella. Yummy! 

The best thing about being on this island? The 360-degree day and night views. Whether I'm lounging by the pool catching up on my literature, or sitting on the beach by the fire, the views are at once unforgettable and spectacular. (The cute bartenders don't hurt either...)

Love always, 

Anonymous Hitta