Anonymous Hitta - Charlottesville, VA

It's been a while since I really got into something and dedicated everything to it. Teachers in high school threw around the term "Freshman Fifteen" to all rising college students. It seemed like some urban myth. When I arrived to a completely different country, it took me a while to understand portion sizes and health facts. I was so used to my amazing mother cooking healthy and delicious food for me. At the end of first semester I really saw a change in my body, and not the good kind of change. I remember during Sorority Recruitment, I could not fit into my dress I wore for graduation. I felt so defeated, but instead of getting my butt to shape I kept eating because it was much easier than quitting my unhealthy lifestyle. One moment have exams ended I looked into the mirror and saw a completely different person. Someone who is sluggish, unhappy and frankly completely out of shape. I blamed it on the birth control, the college cafeteria and having a boyfriend. I finally came to terms with everything and decided to make a change. My dad saw me struggling and put me on a diet called Diet-to-go. It's a meal plan that comes in a large box weekly and contains meals for a week. It is absolutely incredible. I get to eat pizza, muffins, brownies and chicken parmesan and its all under 1200 calories! I exercise daily and I have seen results. My fellow Hitta, Cat Reynolds, has really motivated me and has kept me on track with one of the workouts we do by the trainer Kayla Itsines (it kicks my butt every other day) I also drink this tea from the company Matefit and it has made me feel less bloated and more energized. It's been 3 1/2 weeks and I've lost 7 pounds. I do lose motivation sometimes when I don't see immediate results but pictures show how much I have lost. this healthy lifestyle has made me happy, energized and feeling incredible! Two more months to go and I cannot wait! 


Love always,

Anonymous Hitta