Anonymous Hitta – Fairfax, Virginia

Intern and Camp Counselor are two different titles that many college students take on for the summer. But not usually at the same time. I’m blessed to have spent my summer as a mix of those two titles!

I just wrapped up a 2 month internship at The Rock Student Ministries at McLean Bible Church and am now in the Outer Banks being burned to a crisp! But I’m not here to talk about my delusions that I don’t need sunscreen…though the weather here is lovely. For some reason I thought that I had a nice enough base tan from this 9-5 cubicle job to be able to scoff at sunblock. I was wrong.

You might ask – how could one be an intern and a camp counselor at the same time? Here’s the intern part. I spent most days in the office with three other college students and 6 staff members who have dedicated their lives to serving Middle and High School students and sharing God’s love with them. Though the office was freezing, the people I shared it with made it more than worth it J we made many wal mart runs, sent emails, helped plan events, ordered pizza (for the events……of course) wrote devotionals, made phone calls, and worked with many spreadsheets. (Or at least tried to.) We met with students individually and grow in friendship with them. I led worship songs on Sunday mornings for the Middle Schoolers. I learned so much from all of the staff and am inspired by their devotion to building God’s Kingdom! 

Here’s where the camp counselor side comes in. We went on 4 trips! The first was a 7 hour bus ride to Myrtle Beach for the high school camp. We brought 400 students and volunteers (I was a “bus captain” for a charter bus of 55 teenage girls…I may or may not have abused my authority of the microphone and told too many bad jokes. But luckily I made up for it with my beatboxing attempts….I’m relevant right?) I was a room leader for 5 rising Junior girls who always kept me laughing. A week after that, we took 20 students and 3 brave moms to Baltimore to partner with the Baltimore Dream Center. The BDC kept us busy for four days picking up trash in the neighborhood, serving food, and sharing our faith. It was incredible to see such young kids serve so cheerfully!

Then, I dug up my passport and brushed up on my Spanish, because it was time to go to the Dominican Republic with 300 high schoolers and volunteers. It was humbling to see the extreme poverty in the DR and watch how the people live with so little, yet are still so joyful! The trip gave us a new perspective on how blessed we are.

And one week later, we headed to Northbay Adventure Camp with the Junior High Students. I spent four days with some of the most adorable 6th grade girls you will ever meet. I was so inspired by their faith in God and their kindness! They had questions about SO many things (from “what’s for dinner?” to “what’s the meaning of life?” It was exhausting, but incredible. I just love 6th girls J


I’m so grateful to God for this summer and excited to reunite with my Hittas!



Anonymous Hitta