Summer 2015 Blog Series

s u m m e r  2 0 1 5 ,  a s  c h r o n i c l e d  b y  h i t t a s

The members of HIT have had quite eventful summers, to say the least. Whether dedicating themselves to internships across the globe, traveling extensively, or furthering their studies beyond UVA, HITtas have stretched themselves this summer, bringing back diverse experience to the group and the larger university community. Although each of us spent our vacations in different locations, participating in different activities, we all share the desire to reunite in two short weeks and continue making music as a group.

C l i c k  t h e  i m a g e  a b o v e  t o  r e a d  a b o u t  o u r  s u m m e r  a d v e n t u r e s !