Congratulations Sarah and Sam!

The strength of their love captivated all who witnessed the joyous marriage of Sarah Deal and Sam Chase on the 8th of June.  

The strength of their love undeniably had no bounds, even when they were separated by thousands of miles and the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean -- You could see Love on their beaming faces when they talked about each other; you can hear it in the music they created with, and for, one another; and you can feel it in the way that they tenaciously supported each others dreams and hopes.

The strength of their love radiated, unwaveringly, through the  thickness of rain that began just as the ceremony started. Amidst the bursts of laughter that trickled through the seats as the downpour intensified, amidst all the wet hair and soaked dresses, I looked around and could only perceive joy on the faces of over two-hundred people who traveled far and wide from 25 states and around the world, to support the loving bond between two selfless and compassionate individuals. 

To no one's surprise, the rain subsided shortly after the ceremony ended, revealing the spellbinding, sun kissed mountains of the Shenandoah, and revealing the bright future that awaits Sarah and Sam. 

Sarah and Sam met through Hoos in Treble rehearsals when Sam was completing a project for his Music and Ethnography class at the University of Virginia. It has been absolutely amazing for all of us to see this relationship blossom and continue to flourish over time. 

Sarah and Sam Chase, you are two giving, passionate, brilliant, and beautiful individuals who are perfect for one another! May you share a lifetime of happiness. We cannot wait to see what your future holds!


Lovingly, and forever yours, 



(written by Thy Nguyen - class of '14)