brianna cabrera

- b r i a n n a  c a b r e r a - 


hometown: Bronx, NYC

major: Life (So indecisive)

voice part: Soprano

audition songs: "One and Only" OPB Adele; "Locked Out of Heaven" OPB Bruno Mars; "Fallin'" OPB Alicia Keys

favorite HIT song: "Resolution" OPB Matt Corby 

childhood ambition: I used to watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune with my Grandpa and always used to say I wanted to be on them one day (Especially Jeopardy!!)

never have I ever: kissed a boy  #singlelife

favorite HIT pun: So explicHIT

party trick: I can imitate Yoshi pretty well

go-to girl for: Chocolate and anything Disney related!

solo: "Turn Your Face" opb Little Mix