dani bhadare-valente

- daniella bhadare-valente - 


nickname: dani

year: Fourth Year

hometown: Haymarket, VA

major: International Relations, Technological Entrepreneurship Minor   

voice part: soprano 1 and soprano 2

audition songs: "One and Only" opb Adele, "It Will Rain" opb Bruno Mars, "The Man Who Can't be Moved" opb The Script

favorite HIT song: "Got It" opb Marian Hill

childhood ambition: fashion designer

never-have-I-ever: built a snowman  

favorite HIT pun: attHITude

party trick: I solve my rubik's cube like a champ, race me I dare you

go-to girl for: board games

solos: "Final Song" opb MO, "Mercy" opb Duffy, “when the party’s over” opt Billie Eilish