hanna kornell


- hanna kornell - 

nickname: hanni or hanna banana

year: Second Year

hometown: Fairfax, Virginia

position: social chair

major: Biology, drama minor

voice part: alto & bass

audition songs: "Rise Up" opb Andra Day, "Daddy Lessons" opb Beyonce, "Other Side of the World" opb KT Tunstall

favorite HIT song: "Blow Your Mind (MWAH)" opb Dua Lipa

childhood ambition: starting a foster care program/orphanage

never have I ever: lived outside of Virginia

favorite HIT pun: unforgHITable

party trick: I have a double-jointed elbow

go-to girl for: hugs, laughing at (bad) jokes, geeking over random stuff, and compliments

solos: "It's Raining Men" opb The Weather Girls, "End of Time" opb Beyoncé, “Respect” opb Aretha Franklin