jane goodwin


- jane goodwin - 

nickname: Janet

year: Third Year

position: Business Manager

hometown: Richmond, Virginia

major: financial math and international economics

voice part: Soprano 1 & 2

audition songs: "Hollow" opb Tori Kelly, "I Want You Back" opb Jackson 5, "Bridge Over Troubled Water" opb Simon and Garfunkel

favorite HIT song: "Octahate" opb Ryn Weaver

childhood ambition: to be a veterinarian (later found out that I'm allergic to cats and dogs so this dream was very short-lived)

never have I ever: traveled outside of the contiguous United States

favorite HIT pun: nailed (h)it! 

party trick: I can wiggle my ears... I think that's pretty cool

go-to girl for: advice and veggie corn dogs

solos: "The Way You Make Me Feel" opb Michael Jackson