josephine miller

- j o s e p h i n e  m i l l e r - 

nickname: Josie, José, Jay-Z

year: Fourth Year

hometown: Yorktown, Virginia

major: Music (Voice) and Speech Pathology

voice part: Soprano & Alto

audition songs: "Not About Angels" OPB Birdy; "Forever" OPB Shania Twain; "Tore My Heart" OPB Oona

favorite HIT song: "Legendary Lovers" OPB Katy Perry 

childhood ambition: To be a wedding designer & broadway star

never have I ever: NOT LOVED HIT

favorite HIT pun: I feel preHITty, oh so preHITty

party trick: “I can stick my whole fist in my mouth! Wanna see?”- Karen, Mean Girls… but really I can.

go-to girl for: a popsicle

solo: "C'mon Talk" opb Berhoff, "Got It" opb Marian Hill, "It's Raining Men" opb The Weather Girls, "Evergreen" opb YEBBA