kat gravely

- k a t  g r a v e l y - 

nickname: Kat (my name is already a nickname)

year: Second Year

position: Publicity Chair

hometown: Montpelier, Virginia

major: Psychology and Government (TBD on that second one)

voice part: Whatever Josie and Tristen tell me to sing. 

audition Songs: "The Long Way Home" opb Norah Jones; "A Love That Will Last" opb Renee Olstead; "That Girl" opb Jennifer Nettles

favorite HIT song: "Bills, Bills, Bills/Say My Name" opb Destiny's Child

childhood ambition: Attorney 

never have I ever: Seen a dog I didn't want to pet.

favorite HIT pun: HIT gets FIT!

party trick: I can make a startlingly realistic cow noise, but no one ever wants to hear that at parties.

go-to girl for: practical advice and inappropriately-timed jokes

solo: "It's a Man's, Man's, Man's World" opb James Brown, "Wonderful" opb Mullally