katie cantone

- katie cantone -

nickname: Steph (a la Stephanie Tanner)

year: Third Year

hometown: Richmond, VA

major: Spanish

voice Part: Alto 1/2

audition Songs: "Water Under the Bridge" opb Adele, "Bartender" opb Lady Antebellum, "Sunday Morning" opb Maroon 5

favorite HIT song: "Got It" opb Marian Hill

childhood ambition: pop star (¿still true?)

never-have-I-ever: seen a full scary movie

favorite HIT pun: smHITten 

party trick: occasionally stunning peers with my knowledge of rap lyrics

go-to-girl-for: deep life chats :'-)

solos: "Still" opb Seinabo Sey, "Better Man" opb Little Big Town, "Blow Your Mind (Mwah!)" opb Dua Lipa, “Figures” opb Jessie Reyez & Daniel Caesar