Lydia Hendrickson

-lydia hendrickson-


nickname: lyd

year: 2nd 

hometown: Madison, NJ

major: global public health?

voice part: alto, bass 

audition songs: “Like Real People Do” opb Hozier, “Jealous” opb Labrinth, “Feeling Good” opb Nina Simone

favorite HIT song: “when the party’s over” opb Billie Eilish

childhood ambition: veterinarian!

never have I ever: eaten an entire cake in one sitting (though this is something I greatly aspire to do) 

favorite HIT pun: (h)its always sunny in Philadelphia! :) 

party trick: I once put 24 grapes in my mouth so I could probably do it again?  

go-to girl for: cuddle puddles and long life chats