melina rapazzini

- m e l i n a   r a p a z z i n i -

nickname: mrap

major: Nursing and Religious Studies

voice part: Soprano

audition songs: "Taking Over Me" OPB Evanescence; "Lady Marmalade" OPB Labelle; and "Hey Jude" OPB The Beatles

favorite HIT song: "Till the Casket Drops" OPB ZZ Ward

childhood ambition: To be a professional pirate 

never have I ever: had a cheese burger.

favorite HIT pun: quiddHITch

party trick: hitting the C above high C

go-to girl for: my many witticisms

solo: "Settle Down" opb Kimbra, "Octahate" opb Ryn Weaver, "Gasoline" opb Halsey