michaela kelley

- m i c h a e l a  k e l l e y -


nickname: MK, Mi-kay-kay

hometown: Fredericksburg, Virginia

major: English, with a minor in Psychology

voice part: Alto

audition songs: "What Now" OPB Rihanna; "Mr. Know It All" OPB Kelly Clarkson; "Bound to You" OPB Christina Aguilera 

favorite HIT song: "Resolution" OPB Matt Corby 

childhood ambition: Veterinarian/Makeup artist/Funeral home owner/Pop star. I was very ambitious and very indecisive. 

never have I ever: liked bananas

favorite HIT pun: exquisHIT

best party trick: talking in a Stitch voice

go-to girl for: exotic teas and pictures of cute animals

solo: "Like I'm Gonna Lose You" opb Meghan Trainor, "Love Yourself" opb Justin Bieber