rachel mink

- r a c h e l   m i n k -

nickname: Rachie, Minkles, Rachelle

major: Music, Foreign Affairs, Arts Administration

voice part: Soprano/Alto

audition songs: "I Won't Give Up" OPB Jason Mraz; "Natural Woman" OPB Aretha Franklin; "One" OPB U2 and Mary J Blige

favorite HIT song: "Used 2 Love U" OPB John Legend

childhood ambition: to be a teacher 

never have I ever: been to Disneyworld

favorite dance: the Whop 

if I were a beverage, I'd be: a very large cappuccino 

go-to girl for: a yoga lesson! 

solos: "Blown Away" opb Carrie Underwood; "Natural Woman" opb Aretha Franklin; and "Cups (When I'm Gone)"opb Anna Kendrick; "Tokyo Sunrise" opb LP