thy nguyen

- t h y   n g u y e n -

nickname: Thy-cup

hometown: Mesa, Arizona

major: Biology, with a minor in Environmental Sciences. 

voice part: Alto 

audition songs: "Oh, Darling!" OPB The Beatles, "Casualty of Love" OPB Jessie J, and "Don't You Remember" OPB Adele. 

favorite HIT song: "Cosmic Love" OPB Florence and the Machine.

childhood ambition: to be a street musician. 

never have I ever: watched the final scene of The Return of the King without shedding a tear. 

favorite dance: the "smang-it" dance.

if I were a beverage, I'd be: sweet Thy, oolong Thy, bubble Thy, Arizona Iced Thy.

go-to girl for: a rambunctious laugh, winks on winks on winks, vintage jewelry

solo: "Lego House" opb Ed Sheeran